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People I like said two really nice things about me today! 

A friend here on DW said, "...she has absolutely the most professional eyeshadow I have ever seen. Like, you look at her, and her eyeshadow says, "You know how you stay up too late fucking around on the internet? I don't do that. That's why I'm well rested and totally able to deal with whatever shit you try to pull. Also my house is cleaner than yours and I got up early enough this morning to do my perfect makeup before I organized all my shit and got here, so don't even try it." And I don't even know if any of this is true! But I tell you, that is what her eyeshadow says. It is impressive."

Which, you know, is not even true. Because here I am, fucking around on the internet at 12:43 when I have to get on a plane for LA in less than 12 hours! And my house is currently really messy! But FUCK YEAH my makeup tells you that I am organized and badass and totally fucking on the ball. Femme armor for the win!
And my high school journalism teacher, with whom I am friends on Facebook, responded to my life plan for being a saucy older lady with, "You've always been that saucy broad, my friend...even as a teenager!" She is, in fact, a saucy broad herself, so I feel like I've been sort of officially inducted into the club.


I feel excellent about these things. 
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