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Memo to my kidneys: I really appreciate the whole blood filtering thing y'all do, but could you stop with the overachieving? I really don't need any extra rocks. My brother the geologist sends me some in the mail sometimes, and that's fine. If you insist on producing and releasing small rocks, ANY TIME OTHER THAN FUCKING FINALS WEEK would be great. Thanks so much!

So yeah. I have a paper due to finish out an incomplete from last semester that absolutely has to be turned in by the 12th or so. In order to make that work, I need to put off stuff due this semester, so I just emailed my prof to ask for an incomplete. 

I'm a bit woozy at the moment. I got in to see my urologist this morning, which is great, and I'm having a bad pain day, so he was all, you want some Demoral? And I was like, uh, sure, if you're offering. So now I'm in less pain, but am definitely feeling... altered. (So I hope the emails I just wrote to profs were coherent!) And he's squeezing me in for the removal procedure tomorrow morning, which is also great. 

As soon as the boy gets home with sandwiches, I'm going to take the rest of my meds and then have a nice, opiate-induced nap. If I have any extra energy later, I might say, FUCKING SERIOUSLY? a few more times. 

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Man, fuck this thing where I turn up with some sort of deeply unpleasant infection right as I'm getting ready for Wiscon.

I've had a pretty bad allergy-cold-sinus-something for more than a week, and now I have a pretty gnarly sinus infection. Every time I cough or sneeze, which is distressingly often, I feel like someone's driving barbecue forks into my skull. OW. Thankfully, we have good health insurance and a nice local clinic that's always good about squeezing us in, so I have drugs and will have time for two doses of antibiotics before I get on the plane. :( I think I may have to resort to the use of some of the badass painkillers I still have after the epic kidney stone fuckery of 2009 to survive the flight. I hope not. But I think it's going to be wise to travel with ibuprofen for regular pain and some darvocet in case of emergency.

Every GP I've ever seen in central TX has strong opinions about how to deal with sinus infections. They all seem to have a sekrit 5-step recipe for OMG perfect recovery! So far, none of them has worked for me. This guy actually has his own handout! It says Sudafed, cough syrup with guafenisen, and Afrin nose spray, along with the usual ibuprofen or acetominaphin for pain, salt water gargles, and nasal saline. Really specific! I don't know if he's right, but in the immortal words of Barry Corbin in WarGames, "Hell, I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought it'd do any good." So I'll try his regimen.

I am officially sick and tired of one-to-three-times-a-year sinus infections. I mentioned to this doc that every time I get any sort of sniffly anything, no matter what I do, I seem to get an sinus infection, and that a couple of my friends have had super successful sinus surgeries to fix little anatomical quirks that prevent good drainage. He gave me a referral to a local otolaryngology practice he recommends. (I know, it's slightly pretentious to say, "otolaryngology" instead of "ENT" - and I just did it twice. But I *like* the Greek-rooted specialty name! It's such a cool, chewy word!) (At least I didn't say, "otorhinolaryngology.") I'm going to do some research on the docs he likes to check out if patients actually like them, and then I'm going to see if someone can rearrange the inside of my face to make my life suck less.


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