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Halloween-y goodness:


Our neighborhood always gets a hojillion trick-or-treaters, and it's awesome. Here are some of the standouts from this year:

Zombie cheerleader!

Wee baby pirate - like, 6 mos old - on zombie dad's shoulders

Several awesome lady vampires


Boba Fett

So many little Marios! Plus one accompanying mama wearing a mustache :)

Pippi Longstocking!


We went Hershey- and Nestle-free this Halloween. I didn't have time to plan very well, so this pretty much left us with Skittles, Starburst, and Tootsie Pops. As is our custom, people who amused, entertained, or unnerved us got extra cool treats - gummy body parts or candy skeletons. 


WTF of the night - a wee black girl, no more than 8, dressed as a convict. Except with black and pink stripes instead of black and white. And sequins. 



Really, costume company? REALLY? You think that's okay? And really, mom? You're going to allow that? Yeesh.


We are Family moment #1 - An adorable teenage boy wearing street clothes, lip gloss, and a tiara. I told him he got an extra gummy brain for gender-bending, and he was all, "AWESOME." I'll save a place for you at Pride, honey.


We are Family moment #2, slightly creepy - An adorable teenage boy dressed as a sexy construction worker. Seriously. Strategic shirt tears and all. Definitely saving him a spot at Pride, but a little sad at his self-objectification with a whiff of classism.


Fucking rad motif - Young people of color in superhero costumes! So many adorable wee folks of all ethnicities as Superman, Batman, Spider Man, Wonder Woman… Awesome! All those annoying fanboys who freaked out over the new biracial Spider Man can suck it! 


Sort of encouraging but still disturbing motif - So many young girls of color wearing generic princess or Disney princess costumes. I mean, hooray for being all, fuck white normativity, my kid can totes be a mainstream media character! But sad face that what they chose was so retrograde. 


Today's reason why I <3 my partner:

Our current TV project is the X-Files. I never watched much of it, so most of it is new to me. We're watching an episode where a central operating system in a building may have killed a dude, and I said, "I'm waiting for someone to say, 'I'm sorry, Dave. I can't do that.'" And my partner said, "If I were writing an episode like this, I would have humans saying that line all the time, and then at the end, a computer would say, 'THAT'S NOT FUNNY.'"

<3 <3 <3



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I don't know what the fuck that mess was on Sunday night, but it damn sure wasn't anything like the Song of Ice and Fire I know.

grump and spoilers behind the cut )
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tyler clementi, an 18-year-old gay college kid, committed suicide after his roommate streamed video of him making out with a guy. basically, this kid was bullied to death. and he was the fourth this month.

RAGE sorrow sorrow rage rage RAGE. what the everloving fuck is wrong with people? why is it fun or cool or anywhere near okay to torment people like this? and where are the grown-ups in these scenarios? why didn't they see? why didn't they do anything? how do you miss kids acting out blow jobs and anal sex, which in any sane world would count as sexual assault, IN CLASS?

i already cried. now i'm infuriated. so here's what we can do.

- check to see if your city has a queer youth organization. austin has outyouth. see if they have a program going on this. volunteer, join a speaker's bureau if you're able, donate if you can.

- do your local high schools or colleges have gay-straight alliances? if so, see if they need anything: speakers, mentors, supplies, money...

- belong to an organization that is pro-queer? get them involved. have an announcement at your meeting to raise awareness. have a moment of silence at your religious service. make some flyers and pass them out. organize a group to go volunteer at your local LGBT group. pass the hat and raise some money.

- remember that donating doesn't just mean money! donations of stuff (known in the biz as "in-kind donations") are great, too. look at organizations' wish lists - they might need office supplies, web design skills, cookies for their volunteer night... there is almost certainly something within your budget of time and resources that can make a difference.

- US peeps, help GLSEN out with advocacy for the safe schools improvement act.

- US peeps, see if your state LGBT organization has something like equality texas' safe schools initiative. if they do, sign on, go to a lobby day, donate if you can. if they don't, ask why and let them know you want them to work on this issue. help them get going.

- talk to any teachers in your life. ask them if they have ally training or anti-bullying training. if yes, tell them they fucking rock. if no, help them find some. your local GLBT organizations can help. GLSEN also has a great page of resources.

- talk to the young people in your life. offer support to the queer/questioning. ask the straight kids what it's like for queer kids at their school. if it seems like they can handle it/is appropriate, ask them if they know about these suicides and what they think and feel about them. help them think through things. hell, remind them that gandalf/magneto is gay, and he's a damn superhero/wizard/omg ANGEL.


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