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Memo to my kidneys: I really appreciate the whole blood filtering thing y'all do, but could you stop with the overachieving? I really don't need any extra rocks. My brother the geologist sends me some in the mail sometimes, and that's fine. If you insist on producing and releasing small rocks, ANY TIME OTHER THAN FUCKING FINALS WEEK would be great. Thanks so much!

So yeah. I have a paper due to finish out an incomplete from last semester that absolutely has to be turned in by the 12th or so. In order to make that work, I need to put off stuff due this semester, so I just emailed my prof to ask for an incomplete. 

I'm a bit woozy at the moment. I got in to see my urologist this morning, which is great, and I'm having a bad pain day, so he was all, you want some Demoral? And I was like, uh, sure, if you're offering. So now I'm in less pain, but am definitely feeling... altered. (So I hope the emails I just wrote to profs were coherent!) And he's squeezing me in for the removal procedure tomorrow morning, which is also great. 

As soon as the boy gets home with sandwiches, I'm going to take the rest of my meds and then have a nice, opiate-induced nap. If I have any extra energy later, I might say, FUCKING SERIOUSLY? a few more times. 


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